Cognitive behavioural therapy is a commonly used form of therapy for treating a wide range of addictive behaviours as well as many other mental health conditions. Its basic aim is to help clients explore, understand and change how they think about events in life and learn how to replace negative thoughts with  positive ones. 

Many forms of addictive behaviour often have their roots set in a variety of dysfunctional and negative destructive thought patterns which mitigate against making informed and sensible choices. Unhealthy coping mechanisms are often grown as a consequence and manifest in a variety and sometimes very unusual forms of addiction.

Through therapy which can be delivered effectively on line as well as during one to one sessions, the therapist helps us to understand our existing thought process and transition from negative to positive interpretations of them, thus allowing for healthier life decisions. The great thing about CBT is it also helps the client to understand how and why their previously negative belief systems evolved in the first place, which can be very empowering for them moving forward.

CBT therapy also allows for a greater flexibility in availing everyone to access therapy via modern forms of communication methods such as Skype, WhatsAp, Telegram or Viber.

For confidentiality and security  purposes our preferred method of communication is via the medium of  Zoom

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