Fiona Pendlebury-Garnett

Fiona Pendlebury-Garnett  MBACP, NCPS DIP HYP, GHR

      • Have you recently come to the realisation that you may have an addiction problem ?
      • Have you previously unsuccessfully tried to kick the habit but keep returning to it ?
      •   Is you habit keeping you from your work, friends and loved ones ?
      • Are you worried about your habit being discovered by others ?
          • Is your habit becoming extreme and putting you at risk of being in trouble with the law ?


Fiona is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) which governed by the UK Professional Standards Authority &  the National Counselling and  Psychotherapy Society  (NCPS) 

Fiona has a professional background in mental health & holistic health care.  As a professionally qualified Integrative Counsellor , Clinical Hypnotherapist & EMDR therapist Fiona specialises in trauma and anxiety   Fiona also enjoys participating in her continuing professional development and has qualified in a variety of therapies and subjects  including EMDR, NLP, Mindfulness Meditation Techniques, Hypnotherapy, Eating disorders, Trauma and brain recovery.

When will I get better and what will therapy be like ?

Therapy is often a long-term commitment which once  committed to will take you on one of the most rewarding internal journeys of your life. Whilst some parts of your journey will be challenging with our professional guided therapy you will be kept safe knowing that you are free to explore your thoughts  and concerns. This safe and secure environment will allow your to explore your emotions and understand how your unique life experiences have impacted on the hear and now. Thereafter with our help you will be able to develop a healthy and realistic  coping mechanism to successfully navigate  the challenges that life inevitable presents to us. 

 How often should  I receive my therapy ?

In most case , we recommend new clients start with one weekly session . Every few months we will re-evaluate your progress to determine if we need to decrease the frequency of therapy is necessary.