How can we help ?

How can we help?

The first step in addiction therapy is to help the individual understand how, why  and when they first got addicted. Often this may have started in some purely innocent activity which led them to perceive pleasure and escapism from the hum drum of normal life . Then when something difficult or painful presented itself again, the addict remembers how enjoyable that activity was so seeks pleasure by immersing themselves in it again. . This scenario is a very simple one and many can’t even identify the root cause of the start of their addiction, but what is important is to educate and help a person understand what keeps them in the addictive cycle. Thereafter a variety of therapies can be applied each specific to the individual and their addiction, the whole process can take many weeks of therapy depending on long their addictive behaviour has been in play. The good news is that most people seeking addiction therapy are responsive and with the support of their therapist can looks forward to an addiction free life in the future.