About your therapist

Nick Crabtree  MBACP, DIP HYP, NCIP  

Nick  is a member of the National Counsel of Integrative Psychotherapists  (NCIP) and a qualified Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) an organisation which is governed and regulated by the UK Professional Standards Authority. He is fully insured and holds an Enhanced Level  DBS Certificate

Nick has a background in dealing with family & childhood trauma , sexual and mental abuse, bereavement, depression and individuals suffering from  suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Nick also specialises in counselling the many forms of addiction for example smoking, cocaine, food, vaping, cosmetic surgery, shoplifting and work . In addition to these he also provides therapy for  those which have emerged as a result of the internet, for example  online gambling, shopping, pornography and ETF's & CFD's day trading .

When will I get better and what will therapy be like ?

Therapy is often a long-term commitment which once  committed to will take you on one of the most rewarding internal journeys of your life. Whilst some parts of your journey will be challenging but with professional guided therapy you will be kept safe knowing that you are free to explore your thoughts  and concerns in a safe and confidential environment. This will allow you to explore your emotions and understand more clearly how your unique life experiences have impacted on the hear and now. Thereafter  you will be able to develop a healthy and realistic  coping mechanism to successfully navigate  the challenges that life will inevitably present to you 

How often should  I receive my therapy ?

In most cases , we recommend that new clients start with 50 minute weekly sessions, these will be reviewed and evaluated on a monthly . This will help both client and therapist to  determine if  there is a need  to decrease or increase the frequency of therapy sessions.

I prefer to have a one to one in person session, where will the sessions take place ? 
Your in person sessions will be delivered in our private and comfortable therapy  suites which are located within the  North Wales and Chester regions. Depending on your preference we will notify you of their location following  receipt of your booking confirmation