Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form of therapy which looks at how our behaviour,  attitudes and decision making  is linked to our past experiences and how it effects our thoughts and behaviour in the present.

Very often these past experiences are buried deep within our subconscious mind and we may not even be aware of them or how they may be impacting on life decisions in the present. Through therapy these thoughts are brought into the conscious mind which in the case of addiction is a powerful tool in helping us to understand how and why our addictive behaviour started.

Once empowered with this knowledge the therapist can work with the client to identify the underlying cause of their addiction and work through unresolved pain emanating from relationships and past conflicts. Thereafter they can reduce the chances of being triggered into resorting to addiction as a coping mechanism and reduce their chances of relapse by seeking alternative healthy options to dealing with negative emotions.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy also allows for a greater flexibility in availing everyone to access therapy via modern forms of communication methods such as Skype, Zoom, WhatsAp, Telegram or  Viber. 

For confidentiality and security  purposes our preferred method of communication is via the medium of  Zoom

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