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For many the visit to a shopping mall or the high street can be a pleasurable event especially so when combined with family or friends. For the majority who are busy and hard at work during the week, the opportunity to go on a shopping spree hunting for bargains is a great way of unwinding with friend and family




 However, for some what should  be a great and enjoyable experience turns out to be a date with hell . For these people shopping has turned into an addictive behaviour which they seem to be unable to control which puts their relationships and financial well-being at risk. Those suffering from this condition often experience feelings of remorse and regret after indulging in a shopping spree, this so called ‘buyers remorse’ will often manifest in bouts of depression and anxiety.


So what drives a person to resort to shopping way beyond their financial means in the first place ? Well most of the research tends to support the theory that shopping is a form a mood enhancer, in similar ways that many other addictions give a short term lift to negative and depressing emotions. The problem with using shopping as a mood enhancer is that it's just like many other forms of addiction, the  lift does not last and once the initial fix is over, negative emotions set in  such as buyers remorse , low self-esteem, self-loathing which manifest in low mood and depression.

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