Smoking Addiction


The sheer volume of cigarettes sold and their impact on human life is off the scale whichever way you look at the data. Around the world 6.5 trillion cigarettes are sold annually, this translates to roughly 18 billion cigarettes consumed per day, responsible for approximately 6 million deaths per year. Current data indicates that there are still 6.4 million tobacco smokers in the UK and 28.3 million in the USA and a staggering 1.27 billion worldwide. Anyone who’s ever smoked knows how difficult it is to quit mainly because the nicotine they contain is one of the most addictive substances known to man! So is it no wonder that you feel like you’re battling against the odds in trying to quit this age old habit once and for all.

It's also fair to say that the majority of smokers are not completely blind to the problems of their unhealthy habit can cause and they are certainly aware of the   significant impact that buying cigarettes has on their monthly spending budget. Despite the cost the smoker will always find ways of scraping the cash together to continue with their habit. Literally their hard earned cash is going up in smoke.

A cigarette smoker also faces the same challenges in quitting the habit as do those addicted to vaping, as their shared addiction is caused by the chemical nicotine a natural product of the tobacco plant and contained in varying dosses in both mediums. The biggest problem however for tobacco smokers is not only the nicotine addiction, but the severe and serious health hazard of inhaling tobacco smoke and its dangerous and toxic chemicals which are proven to cause significant life changing illnesses such as cancer and chronic lung conditions.

To help overcome tobacco addiction, it is can be helpful to be aware of some of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are quite easy to identify and will include such feelings of anxiety, irritableness, strong urges to smoke and lots of simultaneous self-defeating thoughts about why it’s not such a good idea to quit smoking in the first place. Awareness of the withdrawal symptoms empowers the smoker to find ways of avoiding the impact of these factors and develop workable coping strategies to overcome them.

Here at Addictions Away, we help you to identify the reasons behind your smoking habit and to understand more clearly your emotional dependency on nicotine. This will allow us to deliver the most appropriate form of therapy tailored to your unique circumstances.  Throughout your entire journey on the road to recovery our fully qualified and registered therapist will work closely alongside you thus ensuring the best possible outcome. We offer confidential on-line and in person therapy services regulated by The British Standards Authority provided at one of our therapy suites located throughout North Wales and Cheshire. 

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